About Us


In 1983, the City of Campbell was considering an ordinance to downgrade the zoning for the city’s two mobilehome parks to mobilehome-use only. Many of the residents of the Paseo de Palomas Mobilehome Park signed a petition supporting said ordinance. On the day the city council was to consider the ordinance, the owners of the Paseo de Palomas Mobilehome Park served all the residents with eviction notices. The residents responded by filing an action against the owners alleging retaliatory eviction and fraud. During the settlement discussions, the residents decided that they would be willing to purchase the park from the current owners, and decided that they had to enthusiasm and funds to do so. Their offer to purchase the park was accepted.

Paseo de Palomas, Inc. was created on October 21, 1983. Its business purpose is to acquire, and thereafter to engage in the business of owing and operating the Paseo de Palomas Mobilehome Park, a Department of Housing and Community Development park.

Board of Directors

President Jo Pugsley
Vice President Gary Stevens
Secretary Chris Coggins
Treasurer, Chief Financial Officer Pat Tinto
Directors Chris Baert, Sarah Brady, Rod Emerson
Manager Larry A. Spangler